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Default Am i overstocked?

I am currently running a 15 tall, for filtration i run a AC70 fuge and for water movement i have two koralia 240's. I curently have 2 small clowns, a bycolor blenny, a two spot goby and a cleaner shrimp. As for corals i have a star polyp colony,zenia tree and some polyps (not sure). Any way the clowns are tank bred and hide almost all the time. The other two fish aren't very active, i guess i would like to get some thing that is out and about alot. Maybe a fire fish or something along those lines. I also do 1.5 -2 gallon water changes weekly. Any ones opinions would be helpful.
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Hi Kevin:

Clown fish are generally active fish and shouldn't be in hiding all the time. Be mindful that fire fish are even more shy than clown fish and most likely you will see them less. From your description of corals you really do not have anything which your clown fish can host. Even though, clown fish can host just about anything (including a rock or the glass of your aquarium) they do prefer to host in an anemone or some kind of soft coral including LPS. Due to your tank size I would go with some kind of goby (not necessarily the best option when it comes to being social) but will be a good option for the fish given the size of the tank.
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