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Default zoas not opening :( Please help

hello everyone,

I would like to ask you for any info regarding my polyps which recently are not opening. I have done nothing different from the times they were still very healthy and still growing and then recently they stopped opening for some reason which I cannot figure out... Also my toadstool leathers passed through similar problems when they stopped opening also and bleached out so there must be something wrong with the water I guess? I confirmed that itís something with my water (I think) because I have a nano tank at work and took one frag with me and after 1 day they opened when here they had not been opening for over 2 months!!

I was dosing Iodine daily without testing and I stopped thinking it was the problem though I did 50% WC 2 weeks ago and havenít seen any progress.

Please give me any feedback of what you think may be wrong..

My parameters are all normal:

No3 ~ 10
No2/Po4 0
salinity 1.024
temp 25 degrees Celsius
Ph 8.1

High powered Led lights for over a year now so it is not a lighting issue which are on for 9hrs per day.

Thank you

Please ask if i forgot to mention anything

Pics here:
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I have kept many zoas over the years and have had thriving colonies close over night for no apparent reasons.

When this occured a few (for couple of days) 10 minute dip in Coral Rx usually resolved the problem.

I took this step after inspecting the colony for possible pest or if there is a fish or critter that is bothering it.
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Thank you for your reply. I Tried that and also tried an Iodine dip though it didnt work. I also bought a new colony which was open at the store and did not open in my tank :/
Its a really big mystery on what the problem is.
I do 15% water change per week and use sea water mixed with RODI water.
The strange thing is that i have SOME zoa's (in pic too) that are always open so if it was a pest it would also bother them and same goes to water conditions i suppose.

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