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Hm, dec. 9th I received a 1 head of an acan, now there are 9 new babies that you can clearly see and feed.
Dec. 9th received 3 headed duncan now have 5 headed duncan
About 1 wk prior to that I received a warcoral pentagonia with 4 eyes, and now it has 15 eyes.
1 month ago received 2 headed dendro and now have a little baby growing

From Dec.-mid Jan I did spotfeed all of my corals every night-3x a week. Since then it's 1-2times a week if at all. Most of Feb. had no spot feeding, just feed the 3 fish (green chromis) and hope the corals can catch something. I've only spot fed corals...4 times this month. I was very surprised to see the dendro grow a baby head since I had a pretty big stretch of little to no feeding.

The only thing I've ever dosed was the ESV B-ionic which I dosed for 1mos maybe 3 times a week just because I had it. The tank has LPS/Softies. I have some phosban/carbon in a filter sock. I run a skimmer irregularly. I really don't pay too much attn. to the chemistry unless I am adding livestock that I know have 'special needs', other than that if I see everything happy and open/little to know algae/etc I don't check often.
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