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Default Seachem Copper Test kit

After slipping a few fish into my display tank bareback, I wound up with ich.

So after 3 tangs bought it, I decided the ich had to go. I bought two 20 gallon tanks to serve as sick tanks and fished everyone out of the display.

After a few weeks of ensuring all inhabitants were happy in the sick tank, I decided to start with Cupramine, Seachem's highly revered copper med.

I tried an API test kit, but there's a huge problem with it (and as it turns out, most other test kits out there as well). The test card has a gradient for 0.25ppm (perfect for measuring the first half-dose), 0.5 (perfect for knowing you're right on point), but then the test gradient jumps to 1.0ppm.

The problem is that a level of 0.8ppm is considered the toxic level for most fish, and there's no 0.75 gradient. This makes test kits like these largely useless if you want to sanity check your copper levels to make sure you don't have too much in there.

Enter the Seachem Multitest copper test kit. Rather than use a static chart with specific points, the Seachem copper test includes a sliding scale in .025 increments from 0 to 1.0ppm. So with this kit, not only can you read 0.500ppm, you can also read 0.525, 0.550, 0.575, 0.600, etc. Obviously this is way better than just 5 points on a single test card.

The test is pretty simple and everything you need is included.

First you fill one of the 6 divots in a test tray with tank water (a bulb to do so is included). 2 squirts.

Then you drip 2 drops of Copper reagent 2 into the same divot.

Then you take a small (included) stirring stick and crunch it into Copper Reagent 1, a fine powder, until you get a light dusting on the end of the stick. Mix that in the same divot.

Wait a few minutes for the color to form and match it on the included sliding scale.

If you are a doubting thomas, a vial of copper reference fluid is included. This gives you a known sample to compare against, which I think is an absolutely awesome thing to include. This ensures you are capable of getting a known measurable result and makes for an awesome sanity check.

While I have not used any other test from Seachem, I have to say that this is the best copper test kit bar none for under $20. I would not bother with anything else at this point, unless of course Hanna comes out with one - then i'm all over that!
-Karl - 150 XH mixed
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