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Default Purchasing online & Payment Using PayPal

I just purchase a Used Reeflo Snapper Gold Pump on May 12th.
This seller advertised on Craigslist in several states selling a Used Reeflo Snapper Gold as Brandnew, still in plastic and original packaging. He makes claims that he bought the pump 2-3 years for the purpose as a backup, but never used. When I received the pump, an examine the contents there was rust, salt crepe and dirty. If this was Brandnew pump and the box was sealed there is no reason for this pump to be rusted, have salt crepe and to have dirt. I immediately contacted Reeflo Pumps and they responded immediately, ask me for the serial number on the pump, and the pump was manufacturer April 2009, making this pump 6 years old. That being said when your buying a product equipment ask the seller to provide manufacturer date. Reeflo Pumps ask me to remove the front cover to inspect and to clean, and it's clearly this pump was used. Picture send to Reeflo Pumps, they said 100% the pump is used. This seller also wanted me to send payment via PayPal as a gift so that he did not need to pay fees. fees was only $4.56 this was too fishy! I replied I will pay the fees because I don't know you, and I have gotten stung before, but no more. I just won my claim with PayPal a full refund to me. If I would have send as a gift, I would not be able to make a claim via PayPal. Becareful..when buying anywhere online.
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Originally Posted by XtremeClownfish
If I would have send as a gift, I would not be able to make a claim via PayPal. Becareful..when buying anywhere online.
Truer words were never spoken.

Thank you for the great advice! It seems in this day and age, scammers are everywhere and platforms such as Craig’s List are a ripe playground. I too have been ripped off on a pump, not from a stranger on Craig’s List but from someone I considered a friend.

Yep, sometimes even “friends” can’t be trusted. This was a similar situation in that I bought the pump as a backup. It “looked” brand new and I put it up on the shelf in storage waiting for the need to use it. About a year later I pulled it down to put it to use. Immediately upon plugging it in I was suspicious because of the sound it was making. Four weeks into using it, a bearing went out and the armature ground out on the housing.

Because of the time lapse I didn’t tell my “friend” BUT I no longer consider him among my friends. In looking back on other actions by him in our reefing club there are other deals that are questionable. So, one must be diligent and do our homework when buying anything from anybody.

Thanks for the warning and good advice.

D i c k
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